How To Be Published

Community Calendar - How To Be Published

ComCal (Community Calendar) is hosted on servers owned and maintained by EONI as a public service for our greater community. However, EONI does not enter or maintain any of the actual calendar event content. This content is provided by community agencies who have signed up with EONI to participate in this service.

If you represent a non-profit, community-service-oriented organization and wish to have your events published on the ComCal calendar, there are these alternatives:

  1. If you have regular, frequent events you wish to publicize, you can contact us for an interview to be accepted as an official ComCal Contributor. You will be given a username and password for secure access to data entry forms where you can input information for your events and they will be instantly published. Also, if you are chosen to be a Contributor and have your own Web site, EONI can provide the information you can embed in your own page's code to present your individual subset of ComCal listings.
  2. If you only need to publish a one-time event, or intend to publish infrequently, you can contact one of the established Contributors whose audience is likely to be similar to that you intend for your event, and request that they enter your event into the ComCal system (NOTE: Such an entry will appear both on the master ComCal Central listings and on the Contributor's site calendar). To identify such a Contributor, you will see that the individual ComCal listings provide a link to the originating Contributor, as shown in the example below:
    ComCal example to show originator of calendar event entry
  3. If you only need to publish a one-time event, or intend to publish infrequently, as a third alternative you may email Tracy at Elkhorn Media Group or 104.7 KCMB and 99.9 The River radio and request that your event be published as a KCMB Public Service Announcement on ComCal. (Include your contact phone in your message, and provide information as to date, time, name and description of event, location or address, name of sponsoring organization, etc. -- look at other ComCal entries to see examples). In this way, your event will show up on the ComCal Central calendar on the EONI Web site.

Please do not request to be published under more than one of the above alternatives, as this will only result in duplicate entries to the ComCal database that will likely be automatically rejected by the system.