How Wireless Works

There are a couple of components involved in delivering EONI Wireless Internet to you. At your location we place what is called a “subscriber unit” that includes the electronics and antenna for receiving and transmitting over your wireless connection. This small, attractive unit is attached to any high point on your home or business that has clear line-of-sight to EONI access points.


illustration of customer-to-EONI wireless connection

A cable is attached to the subscriber unit that carries power and a network connection; this is connected inside your location to a source of power and to your computer (or computer network). A wireless, radio wave-based connection is established between your location and EONI, and you now have a high velocity Internet connection! The simplest way to think of it is that you have a direct, high velocity, invisible Internet “pipe” that travels through the air to link you and EONI.

an indoor installation (only suitable for some locations)

More Information

See the Wireless FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page.



EOU student? You may qualify for discounted DSL rates. See our Student Special page for more details.

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