Domain Name Fees and Registration Periods

All our web hosting plans provide for registering a unique domain name for your web site so you are seen to the world as "" or "" or whatever for the domain type (also known as "TLD" or top-level domain) you choose. 

We collect domain registration fees on behalf of the domain registrars, who are independent entities. These fees are not charged back to you if you use your domain name in conjunction with a site that is hosted under an EONI hosting plan. If you need a domain name to use with a site hosted elsewhere, or if you just want to "park" (reserve the name without connecting it to an EONI hosting account) the name, you will be subject to the fee schedule shown below.

All domain fees are based on a rate of $15 per year (NOTE: These fees are non-refundable). However, depending on the type of domain, you will be required to register for a minimum of either one (1) or two (2) years, as shown by this schedule:

Domain Type

Minimum Period

Total Advance Payment Required

.com 1 year $15
.net 1 year $15
.org 1 year $15
.biz 2 years $30
.info 2 years $30
.name 2 years $30

Optionally, you may choose to register your domain name for a total of up to ten (10) years, at a rate of $15 for each additional year beyond the minimum for your domain type. That is, you could register your .com,.net, or .org domain for an additional nine(9) years plus the minimum, or your .biz,.info or .name domain for an additional eight (8) years plus the minimum.

Optional Privacy Service

Normally, the owner name, address, phone number and email address associated with your domain name may be viewed by anyone using the public WHOIS service to query for a domain name. If you wish to elect to hide your information on your domain name registration from such public WHOIS viewing, you may request our Domain Privacy Service. There is no additional fee for this service for a domain for which we handle the domain registration and is associated with an EONI hosting plan. Otherwise, you will be charged $5 per year for EONI Privacy Service.


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