Voice for Home

Voice for Home

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EONI Voice Services for Home

Through its PriorityONE subsidiary, EONI offers analog and digital telephone services to residential users.   PriorityONE is a competitive, full-service telephone company providing:

  • Local Phone Service
  • Domestic and International Calling
  • Internet Services - High Speed Broadband (DSL or Wireless)*
  • World Class Solutions with Focus on Reliable, Responsive Local Service
  • No Hidden Fees

* Add phone to your high-speed Internet order for only modest extra cost!

Keep your existing phone numbers when you transfer to EONI/PriorityONE from another carrier!

For more information, see our FAQ section on Telecom and Phone Services.

All regulated voice services are provided by PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc., an EONI subsidiary.  Voice services may not be available in all locations.  For information on additional terms and conditions, see our Policies pages, as well as frequently asked questions on our FAQ pages.





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