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EONI Telecommunications and Voice Services for Business

EONI's subsidiary, PriorityONE Telecommunications, is a competitive full-service telephone company that provides traditional and specialized full service voice telephone or specialized telecommunications solutions for businesses of all sizes.  We provide:

  • Local Phone Service
  • Domestic and International Calling
  • Advanced Data Transport Systems and Services
  • High Speed Internet Services - fiber, DSL and wireless
  • World Class Solutions with Focus on Reliable, Responsive Local Service


We can also address your specialized needs, including 

  • SIP Trunking
    Voice over IP (VoIP) two-way trunks for your existing phone system.
  • Centrex:

Network-based service provided to our multi-line customers with a selection of various features (e.g., Call Hold, Call Transfer, Speed Calling, Four Digit Dialing)

  • DS-1 Digital Service (T1):

High capacity for voice, data, fax at the rate of 1.544 Mbps

  • Primary Rate Interface:

PRI supports both voice and data with High speed signaling which provides faster call set up as end to end digital connectivity for a PBX. PRI is delivered as 23 - 64 Kbps B channels & 1 - 64 Kbps D channel with one free test number and Caller ID

Also see our pages for Networks and Advanced Access services.

All regulated voice services are provided by PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc., an EONI subsidiary.  Voice services may not be available in all locations.  For information on additional terms and conditions, see our Policies pages, as well as frequently asked questions on our FAQ pages.



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