In general, we recommend that you use the most current browsers (as of this writing, such as Firefox 29.x, Google Chrome 35.x, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10.x or later). Your browsing results can be unpredictable -- and even dangerous -- if you use earlier browsers, which often have security issues and may not support contemporary browsing standards. You should make sure that you have installed all security updates that have been issued for your browser by its manufacturer.

Download the latest versions of some popular browsers with these links.

We recommend the use of the latest browsers from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. While earlier versions and some other brands of browsers may work with EONI Web sites, we do not guarantee their functioning and they may be compromised in terms of security vulnerabilities. It is especially important to ensure that you use Windows Update to keep your Microsoft Internet Explorer currently upgraded for security reasons.

To get Microsoft Internet Explorer
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To get Google Chrome
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To get Mozilla FireFox
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Many Web sites use their own settings for fonts and type sizes, so users either have to keep adjusting Microsoft Internet Explorer (View | Text Size | Largest/Larger/Medium/Smaller/Smallest) for each different site, or they just live with the sites' predetermined sizes. To get around this, all you need to do is open Internet Explorer and select Tools | Internet Options from the menu. Click a button called Accessibility. Then simply put a check in the box next to "Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages." Viola! No more font size troubles (but be warned that there may be a good reason such sites have their own font size specifications; overriding them may distort or alter the layout of the pages, but you still will be able to see fonts in the sizes you prefer).

Most modern browsers let you adjust the viewing size of text, fonts and even graphics on Web pages by using these keyboard shortcuts:

PLUS / Increase:

     Control + (Windows), Command + (Mac)

MINUS / Decrease

     Control - (Windows), Command - (Mac)

ZERO / Default:

     Control 0 (Windows), Command 0 (Mac)

Also see this FAQ



RSS is a long-standing protocol used by "newsreaders" to automatically gather information for your reading convenience from your favorite web sites.

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