DSL = Digital Subscriber Line

DSL is a technology designed to convey digital signals over standard copper analog telephone lines.  That means that the same phone line you use for voice calls can also be used to simultaneously transmit and receive Internet-protocol digital data.

DSL can provide Internet access at speeds as high as 20Mbps per circuit, but the speed your location can receive depends on two main factors:

  1. the line quality from the telephone company to your location
  2. the distance from the telephone company to your location. DSL is a very distance sensitive service and only works within a few miles of the telephone company's central office.

More than one circuit can be bonded to deliver service speeds of up to 40 Mbps.

DSL also depends on several other factors, and is not available in all locations. Also, you will need a special modem and Ethernet network connection on your computer in order to receive a DSL connection.

EONI has deployed several different DSL technologies including ADSL, VDSL, SDSL and SHDSL.

Filters need to be on all telephone devices (e.g, telephones, faxes, answering machines, satellite receivers), EXCEPT the DSL modem itself. Plug the filter into your device's phone jack, and plug your line cord into the jack on your filter. Your account entitles you to two filters at no extra cost if you receive your DSL modem through EONI. Extra filters can be purchased for $7.95 each. See below for a photo of a DSL filter.

DSL filter for telephone line
A DSL filter for telephone devices


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