As of January 1st, 2010, The state of Oregon will start to require 10 digit dialing on all outgoing calls. This is due to the addition of the new 458 area code in Oregon that will be sharing the same region as the 541 area code. If you are having difficulties establishing a dialup connection, check to make sure they are now dialing the 10 digit number because as of January 1st, 2010, 7 digit dialing will no longer work, and return an error upon attempting to connect. To ensure that your computer is set correctly, you can follow a series of step by step guides for the Windows XP, Windows Vista/7/8, and Macintosh OSX operating systems that EONI has created:

View/Download Ten Digit Dialing PDF

To learn more about the 10-digit dialing requirement and Area Code 458:

View/Download OR_541_458_Overlay PDF

The account used to dial-up and connect to the Internet may be referred to as the "primary account", "PPP account", or "main account". This account is authorized to establish a dial-up connection to an EONI modem. The PPP account may also receive email. 

Customers with additional email addresses with EONI have what we refer to as an "email only accounts". 

The email only account allows a customer to have another address where email can be sent. This email only account is secured with a distinct username and password. This username and password is not the same as the account used to dial-up and connect to the Internet. Customers must dial-up and connect to EONI with a valid PPP account prior to accessing any Internet service (World Wide Web, email, chat, or any other service). After successfully connecting to EONI customers may open any configured email program to read their email messages. Different email programs (such as Thunderbird, Windows live mail, Outlook, etc) can be configured to read different email boxes or addresses. Some email programs can be used to access more than one email address. 

There are several common reasons why your connection may be denied:

1. You are not using the correct username and password. Usernames are all lowercase with no spaces. Passwords are case-sensitive meaning that UPPER and lowercase characters are DiFfErEnT. Most users should type their password with the CAPS lock key off.

2. You are attempting to dial-up with an email only account, try connecting with your primary dial-up account. Please see our explanation of the email only account.

3. Your account presently has a dial-up session active and you have not upgraded your account to support more than one concurrent session. Customer dial-up accounts ordinarily are allowed to have one dial-up connection in progress at any given time. Customers may have more than one computer configured to connect to EONI. However, only one computer can dial-up and connect at any given moment. This limitation is defined in your user agreement. If you wish to have more than one simultaneous dial-up connection to EONI please contact us to upgrade your account.

4. You have a billing issue that needs attention.
Contact the Eastern Oregon Net office nearest you to see if this is the problem and what needs to be done to get it resolved. 

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