DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, is a "broadband", high-performance technology for sending digital Internet data over standard copper telephone lines.


  • Very high-speed connections to the Internet. Just open your browser or email and you are online - anytime!
  • No need for interrupting your voice calls and no need for a dedicated phone line; talk on your phone and use the Internet at the same time!
  • Dependable service from the area's most experienced Internet service provider!
  • New service plans to fit your needs - at our lowest prices ever

EOU student? You may qualify for discounted DSL rates. See our Student Special page for more details.

All Plans Include:

Pricing and technical support for your broadband (wireless or dsl) connection to EONI apply to a computer system that meets minimum system requirements. Multi-computer or network setup and support, or any other issue that is not directly related to your EONI Internet access, is subject to additional charges.

  • No contract term required
  • Unlimited DSL Internet Access 
  • 10 email addresses
  • 25 MB personal web space
  • Free DSL modem with built-in router, 4 port switch and WiFi

Optional Items:

  • Static IP address: $7.50 per month per address
  • Voice phone service bundled with your DSL order starts at $18.95 per month for residences; $29.95 for business) Price includes taxes and surcharges.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Line speeds may vary by community due to different equipment and facilities available. Actual line speeds may be lower than the maximum connection speed due to a number of factors, such as the condition and length of your telephone line, Internet congestion, and the Web sites you access. Other factors may affect speeds. Speed and uninterrupted service are not guaranteed. These services are not available in all areas or on all lines and are subject to circuit availability.
  • EONI reserves the right to change this offer without notice. All prices are subject to change.
  • Customers must accept the EONI Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Customers must meet the Mimimum System Requirements for EONI Internet access.
  • Technical support is available during EONI normal business hours.
  • Technical support for your internal wired or wireless network is available only as a separate fee-based service.
  • Statements will be issued via email.


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