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The Massive JPMorgan Chase Cyberattack and You
October 3, 2014

Last June and July, cyber intrusions into the nation's largest bank, JPMorgan Chase with assets of over $2.5 trillion, are now believed to have affected the accounts of some 76 million households, as reported by the New York Times  yesterday.

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Rise of the Hackers
September 25, 2014

In case you missed this Nova program on PBS last night, you can see it online at PBS Video or on the PBS Channel on Roku.  Or here:

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Gone Phishing
September 24, 2014

This week another one of those nefarious, subversive "phishing" emails were received in some EONI email inboxes. fraudulently posing as a message sent by EONI.     

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What’s Wrong With Your Pa$$w0rd?
August 29, 2014

And, while you”re at it,  after you finish this video you might want to check out the crossword puzzle based on passwords compromised in the infamous Adobe password breach a while back:

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August 29, 2014

For years we have been telling you to use strong passwords to protect your online security. We keep pushing this because (1) we find that many people still don’t take the matter seriously enough — at least, not until they’ve … Continue reading

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Stop Using Microsoft’s IE browser Until Bug Is Fixed
April 29, 2014

In a rare move that highlights severity of security hole in popular Internet Explorer, US Computer Emergency Readiness Team and UK counterpart say some IE users may want to “consider employing an alternate browser” till flaw is patched.  Read on … Continue reading

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What The Heartbleed Bug Means For You
April 10, 2014

This week researchers (security firm Codenomicon and Google Security) discovered a vulnerability, dubbed the Heartbleed Bug, in the OpenSSL software that is used by perhaps two-thirds of the Internet’s active sites.  This bug compromises the ability of encrypted data to … Continue reading

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