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Google to Expand Protection from Unwanted Software
February 24, 2015

Google's Online Security Blog announces newly expanded efforts to protect user of its Chrome browser, Google Search and Google ads from unwanted software.


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Marc Goodman and Future Crimes
February 21, 2015

Marc Goodman, once a Los Angeles police officer, now has evolved to become an international cybercrime expert and author of his new book, "Future Crimes".

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Tax Season and Identity Theft
February 10, 2015

Identity theft and fraudulent tax refund scams are on the rise.  What can you do to prevent becoming a victim?

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Do You Download Freeware, and Is It Really Free?
January 21, 2015

In a recent study of freeware download sites, including CNet and SourceForge and many others, the How-To Geek was unable to find a single site that didn't insert adware or other unwanted material into the download. 


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Essential Security Apps For Your Phone Or Tablet
October 24, 2014

Writing in USA Today, Kim Komando (self-described as "America's Digital Goddess") outlines three steps you need to take to provide security for your phone or tablet ...

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Why Public WiFi May Be A Public Health Hazard
October 20, 2014

At least that's the question posed by one reporter, accompanied by an "ethical hacker", in a visit to a not-so-secure public WiFi hotspot in a cybercafe/coffee shop.  Within minutes, passwords and personal information of other unwitting customers was exposed and under the pair's control.  

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Beware: Never Download “Codecs” or “Players” To Watch Videos Online
October 17, 2014

If you are being prompted to download "codecs" or "players" or "browser updates" to watch videos online, you are usually inviting malware into your computer!

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