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This is your United Way; we are local and autonomous. 100% of your donation stays in Union & Baker Counties. Your contribution is invested into the local programs and services that really work to improve people's lives.

We are so fortunate to live in this wonderful community here at the foot of the Blue Mountains. However, because of this great beauty, it is easy to forget that there are those living here whose lives are a constant struggle, whose lives are fraught with difficulties.

United Way is about creating changes in our community and in the people who live here, not just today, but for life. We want to be a leader in helping to create a stronger, healthier, and safer community. To do this, we need your help. It is only by working together that we can hope to achieve lasting, positive changes in the conditions of our community

Our most recent funding cycle saw requests for more than twice the amount of money we raised. The need is great. For those of us who are able to enjoy all of the benefits of this great community, there is a responsibility to help those less fortunate. United Way is in the business of creating meaningful and tangible impact in our community.

what matters.

United Way is in the business of creating meaningful and tangible impact in our community.

  • It is not how many individuals we provide for and serve
  • It is not how many programs or partners we unite

What matters is:

  • The bottom-line results:
  • The lives we change,
  • The communities we shape.
For our country, our communities, our families - that's what matters.

We provide leadership that unites communities and resources to create lasting human care solutions for the residents of Union and Baker Counties.

We are a volunteer driven human service organization working to improve the quality of life for all who live in Union and Baker Counties. Our mission is to unite Union and Baker counties in supporting local non-profit agencies which provide human services for its residents. Each year, we conduct a coordinated fundraising campaign for local agencies focused on critical issues like food, emergency services, education, and youth programs

  • Donations raised by United Way in Union County stay in Union County and
  • Donations raised in Baker County stay in Baker County.

Donations are helping important community programs and services operating through member agencies and initiatives. We relieve some of the fundraising burden for our agencies so they may spend their energy providing services. Each of these service providers identifies problems and concerns in our community and then presents their funding needs to us. Then, your contribution goes where help is needed most.

We do all of this for about 19 cents of each dollar raised; well below the accepted non-profit standard of up to 40 percent in administrative costs. This ensures that the money is spent as it is intended to be spent ... on programs and services you care about. That is important to us, because it is important to you. Giving is what we do, together. 

Your United Way investment, magnified by others who invest the united way, has the real power to bring about the results that matter where you live.Donate>>>



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