EONI Customer Referral Program

EONI Customer Referral Program

You can receive free EONI service when you refer new subscribers to EONI.  If a new subscriber tells us that you referred them, then you will receive a credit equal to the amount the new customer pays for 30 days of EONI services.

There's no limit to how many new subscribers you can refer.  If you are really ambitious, you could have free EONI service for years to come!

How to refer a new subscriber:

  1. The new subscriber has to contact EONI to sign up. When signing up, the new subscriber has to give us both your name and your EONI Internet access username. Both must be provided in order to earn the credit for EONI Internet access.
  2. After the new subscriber signs up and provides your information as the referring person, EONI will notify you via email that you are eligible for the free month of EONI Internet access.
  3. The new subscriber has to be a paying subscriber for 3 months. Once that occurs, we will extend the billing date of your EONI subscription for one month and we'll extend it one month for every subscriber who you refer that stays with EONI.

The following policy applies to this program:

  • The new subscriber being referred must be in good standing for 3 months and have paid for 3 months of service before any credit will be given.
  • The referring subscriber must be an active EONI subscriber in good standing in order to receive any credit.
  • People you refer must tell the EONI customer service representative this information in order for you to get any credit and it must be done at the time the subscriber signs up. No credit will be given after a subscriber signs up.
  • The referral credit is equal to the amount the newly referred subscriber is paying for one month of service. For example, assume you are a dialup customer who refers a new wireless customer. The new wireless customer pays a one-time setup fee of $100 for a plan with a recurring fee of $44.95 monthly. After that new customer has been active for three months, you will receive a credit of $44.95 on your own account.
  • The referring and newly referred subscribers must be active when the referral credit is being evaluated or the credit will not be provided.
  • At the time of referral credit eligibility evaluation, the referring and the newly referred subscribers must be current in their payments. If either party is not current in their payments, the referral credit will not be provided.
  • If the subscriber becomes inactive for any reason, all of their referral credits are cancelled.
  • The referral credit can only be applied to the recurring monthly fee.
  • A referral credit cannot be refunded. In other words, a referral credit has no cash value. The referral credit only has value if the credit is applied to a recurring monthly fee.
  • The newly referred subscriber cannot have been a previous EONI subscriber within 60 days of being referred.
  • EONI does not allow so-called "double-dipping"; in other words, Subscriber A cannot refer Subscriber B and then Subscriber B refer Subscriber A.
  • EONI reserves the right to change, modify or terminate this program at any time.