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Welcome to EONI!

Here's how to make the most of your eoni.com experience

 Visitors and Prospective Customers 

If you are a prospective customer looking for Internet access and other services that we provide in your area, just scroll down to the Find Services for your Area form under the header area of the Home page or near the bottom of most other pages.  Or if you want a general look at all of the services we provide, click the Services link in the main menu banner to the right of the EONI logo.

 Visitors and Existing Subscribers

If you are an existing subscriber or just need to get to some of our common visitor conveniences -- like the weather or the speedtest -- use the My Account menu at the top right of each page and other links for User Tools in the Home page right column.  You will also see a Webmail link there for direct access to the web interface to your EONI email box.

 More Ways to Find Information

Notice that you can make two kinds of searches from this site from the top of any page.  The first lets you enter a keyword or character string to find a match just on this EONI site itself.  The second will let you make a search across the global Internet using the power of Google.

Another way for you to find information within this site is to visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.  Just click on the Services main menu link mentioned above, and then click on the FAQ image or link that will be displayed.

And remember that you can always click the Contact link in the menu bar to contact us online or find out how to phone or personally drop in.

P.S.  Don't forget to click News in the main menu banner to be sure that you are aware of the latest news and announcements.  All are intended to be useful and relevant to any visitor as well as regular customers.