These instructions relate to both existing installations, where you have already installed and are using your email software, and new installations, where you have installed, or are installing email software but have not yet configured it to work with your EONI email account.

Existing Installations

Open Mail from your Macintosh's Dock or from the Applications folder, then click Preferences under the Mail menu item:

When you click Preferences, the Accounts window will appear (if it does NOT appear, just click the Accounts tab at the very top of the window). (1) Select the account you intend to change or configure from the left panel list of Accounts. (2) Click the Account Information Tab. (3) Make sure that you enter your full email address into both the "Email Address" field and "User Name" field, and fill out the rest of the form as illustrated below.

(4) The next step is to click the drop-down list control on the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) line, to expand the drop-down list itself.

Next, you need to click Edit Server List from the expanded drop-down:

Now you are ready to confirm that the default ports are selected, that Password is selected for Authentication type, and that User Name is entered as the full email address.

Now you are finished, so just click OK to exit. Then you can close the Preferences window, being sure to save any changes you made.

New Installations

Generally, Mac Mail is pre-installed for you with a new Mac or when you install the Mac OS X operating system. If not, follow Apple's instructions for installing Mac Mail. Now you should be ready to set up your new EONI email account to work with Mac Mail. Start by opening Mail from your Macintosh's Dock or from the Applications folder, then click Preferences under the Mail menu item. This is similar to the initial step shown above for Existing Installations. However, to add a new account, you need to click the "+" symbol at the bottom of the accounts panel to trigger the account setup dialogue screens.

At this screen, as shown below, fill out all the fields, making sure that you correctly type in your complete email address and password, then click Continue to see the next screen.

At the example screen below, fill out the fields as indicated, making sure that POP is selected as the Account Type and that you enter your full email address as the value for the User Name field. Also be sure that you have entered the Incoming Mail Server value exactly as indicated. When ready to proceed, click Continue.

On the next screen, be sure NOT to check the box to Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Then, from the popup list of values for the Authentication field, select Password. Click Continue to proceed.

On the next screen, type of the name of your account (EONI in this example), enter or select values as shown in the example, making sure that you enter the full email address in the User Name field, and that you check the boxes as indicated. Click Continue.

The next screen should show you a summary of the settings you have entered for your email account. If this summary is incomplete or incorrect -- e.g., if the User Name is NOT the same as the Email Address -- click Go Back to fix the problem.

Now just click Create to activate your new account, then you may try an actual email session (recommended) to test your setup, or you may exit.



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