To use an email software client (that is, a separate software program on your computer intended to be used to receive, send and manage email) with your EONI internet access account, you will need to configure it to EONI specifications.  However, you will first need to identify which software you are in fact using or intend to use.  

For Windows, software name and version can almost always be identified by opening the software and viewing its name in the top left corner of the title bar. To further identify the exact version, clickon Help | About. Here is an example using Outlook 2007:

For Apple Macintosh, the procedure is slightly different. Typically, you need to click on the software name on the top Finder menu bar, then click on About [software name] to bring up the details. Here is an example using Mac Mail, packaged with Mac OS X:

Now you are ready to find the FAQ or PDF that applies specifically to your installed software.  Pick from this list:

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