Why Public WiFi May Be A Public Health Hazard

Posted on 10/20/2014

Why Public WiFi May Be A Public Health Hazard

At least that's the question posed by one reporter, accompanied by an "ethical hacker", in a recent visit to a not-so-secure public WiFi hotspot in a cybercafe.  Within minutes, passwords and personal information of other unwitting customers was exposed and under the pair's control.  

This story appeared in the Dutch online journal called De Correspondent, and is a must-read for anyone who uses public WiFi services.  After you read this story, you may question the wisdom of ever using public WiFi again.  

How can you minimize risks?  You do need to be very vigilant and take special precautions and you should prepare in advance before you find yourself out in public needing to access the Internet..  Here's a good article from CNET on how you can go about practicing some measures that should help.  And here is similar advice from Forbes on the topic.