Lightning Season and Power Protection

Posted on 08/14/2013

Lightning Season and Power Protection

Protection against power surges and spikes, lightning strikes and other electrical voltage excesses is a year-round concern, but especially in this season of electrical storms that is now upon us.

Your modems, routers, computers, wired telephone devices and other computing equipment (not to mention your expensive HDTV) need protection with at least a surge protector of adequate capacity. (This capacity is rated in terms of "joules", units of energy that the equipment can absorb without failing -- the higher the number, the better.) You may also need a UPS (uninterruptible power supply, with built-in backup battery) to keep critical equipment running long enough to enable an orderly shutdown of the systems.

WARNING #1:  A simple power strip with multiple outlets IS NOT A SURGE PROTECTOR and WILL NOT PROTECT YOUR EQUIPMENT! Any power strip that has surge protection built in should be clearly identified as such; if a power strip does not indicate that it provides surge protection, you should assume that it does not!

WARNING #2:  A surge protector does not help you if it is not plugged into a GROUNDED OUTLET!

WARNING #3:  Not only do you need to protect your power lines, but your telephone lines as well, as they are susceptible to electrical surges and spikes.

The EONI Store at 216 Chestnut Street in La Grande offers a range of surge protection and UPS backup devices to fit needs from single-computer home use to small business networks.