Help Us Help You

Posted on 03/21/2014

Help Us Help You

CRITICAL NOTE:  if you have recurring issues but don't tell us about it, we can't help!  Don't wait until your nerves are at the boiling point before you get in touch!

Many technical issues can be solved by simply power cycling (turn power off, then turn power back on after a few seconds) your Internet-related equipment.  This might include your router and your modem, and sometimes might be needed by rebooting your computer ifself.

Here are is checklist of things to try:

  • Is your equipment plugged into an electrical source?
  • Is your equipment powered on?
  • Is your electrical service on?
  • If you are having trouble streaming video from services such as YouTube or Netflix, are other users that are connected to your router (e.g., other family members) trying to stream video or download large files at the same time?
  • Have you tried running an EONI SpeedTest?