Gone Phishing

Posted on 09/24/2014

Gone Phishing

This week another one of those nefarious, subversive "phishing" emails were received in some EONI email inboxes. fraudulently posing as a message sent by EONI.     While most people immediately identified it as bogus, anybody who hasn't learned how to recognize these bad actors by now needs to follow along here:

Here was the body of the message, along with some blatant signs that it was not legit:

Phishing Email Message
Fraudulent Email Message

When we view the source for this message (we are using the Thunderbird mail client in this example, which has this View Source control under its Other Actions button; your email client should have an equivalent or similar control), we see the following:

Source View 1

And then we see that the link this fraudulent email wants you to click is to some unknown domain, totally different than

Source View 2
Source View 2

Note that your email software will probably let you hover your mouse pointer over a link in the normal display to reveal the actual destination address; this could show up on your bottom left banner of your email software or elsewhere; check its help documentation or Google for help on this.