EONI DNS Problems

Posted on 05/30/2014

This morning EONI became aware that customers were having problems accessing email and other web sites hosted by EONI.

For a few years EONI has contracted with on off-site company to provide secondary domain name service (DNS). The purpose of this service was intended to provide better, more reliable access to EONI services and EONI’s hosting service in the event of multiple systems failing at our main site in La Grande. Until today, this service has been working as expected.

The secondary DNS company made changes that made the service begin malfunctioning. Symptoms of this problem are getting the wrong web site to open or experiencing problems accessing email.

EONI has updated all systems to stop using this secondary DNS company. Unfortunately, such a change takes time for the entire Internet to see the change. Significant improvement has been realized already as of 1130AM Friday.

EONI is very sorry for any problems and takes this situation very seriously. We are taking steps to avoid a repeat of this situation.

Jeff Crews
Vice-President, Chief Technical Officer