News email attachments

Posted on 05/20/2016

Back on March 18, 2016 post we warned about the Locky virus that encrypts all of your files (hard drive, USB, network, etc) and demands a payment to get your files back.

That threat is getting much worse as there are more and more common.  Many virus, worm and other problems have made their rounds for years.  However this threat of taking all of a victims computer files away is the among the worst we have ever seen.

  • Please carefully backup your files and disconnect the backup media when backup is done.
  • Please be more careful than ever about opening attachments (even from email addresses you trust)

We really do not like rejecting emails.  However as of 1205PM today we are blocking certain .zip file attachments to email addresses.  Please contact us if you need more details on what we are doing specifically.  The enemy can read so we do not want to give the details of that here.

Again please see our earlier post.  Please backup your files and be sure and disconnect your USB and network storage after you backup to protect your backup.

*** UPDATE [Mon 23-May-2016 10:43:14] over this past weekend we block about 43 emails with suspicious zip attachments, so far this morning we blocked over 4200 such emails.