Beware of Locky

Posted on 03/18/2016

A particularly expensive and painful attack has been growing over the past few weeks.  The attack is called "Locky".  This attack is difficult for antivirus and antispyware systems to consistently detect.  So please read on.

Basically Locky locks you out of all of your files on your computer, computers on your network and anything else it can find with files.  Locky does this by encrpyting your files with extremely strong encryption.  Finally Locky tells you to pay them money to get your files restored.

It is always important that you have a backup of all of your files. It is also particularly important that your backup is not attached to your computer at all times.  Your backup media (USB, CD, DVD, hard disk) should be disconnected from your computer when you are not using the backup.  Further it is best that your backup is placed in a secure location in a building away from the building where your computer is located.  Could you have more than one backup?  Absolutely!  So you could keep one attached to your computer and have a backup in another building.

So please backup your files and be careful with the emails you open.  EONI does scan all email for bad attachments, but we are not able to catch them all.

One way or another we simply want you to backup your files.

For more information on Locky see:

One way or another we simply want you to backup your files.

EONI recommends learning more about backup and why it is important from the following link, this also includes a helpful guide on how to setup the Crashplan Local backup:

You can get yourself the free version of Crashplan backup at the following link.

If you would prefer professional help getting a backup solution please contact us for our professional services.